Corporate Menu Details


* Mini Sandwiches AED 4 per piece. Minimum order is 12 pcs.

* Please order one day in advance.




Chicken Hawaiian sandwiches Minced chicken with pineapple with mayo  on white-sliced  bread 
Grilled vegetable sandwiches Grill vegetable with ranch dressing  brown roll
Egg sandwiches egg mix with mayo  white bread or brown-sliced bread 
Cream cheese with cucumber  cream cheese and cucumber  brown-sliced bread 
Tuna with bell pepper   tuna mix with bell pepper and mayo  brown roll 
Turkey with cheddar cheese  turkey and cheddar cheese  white-sliced bread
Roast beef sandwiches with hickory roast beef and lettuce tomato  in a sun-dried tomato bread 
Shrimp with cocktail dressing  shrimp and cocktail dressing and lolo roso (lettuce) brown roll 
Fresh vegetable sandwiched tomato ,cucumber and lettuce with mayo  white-sliced bread 
Smoked salmon with dill sause  smoke salmon and dill leaves and yogurt brown-sliced bread
Vegetable spring rolls    
Spinach fatayer     
Cheese samosa    
Cheese rolls    
Meet samosa    
Kebbeh (Fried)